Introducing Wook Earrings: Rave Fashion Earplug Earrings

Do you wear earplugs at concerts? If you attend EDM music festivals such as Coachella, EDC, and Electric Forest then you definitely should. 

Banana Earplug Earrings

Why You Should Wear Earplug Earrings

Think about it this way. Sixty years from now, do you want to be able to hear the music you're head banging to at the nursery home? If your answer is yes, then throw in some ear protection when you're at loud concerts.

If you've already become accustomed to wearing earplugs at music festivals, then you already know the downfalls of exercising this safety measure.

Remember that one time that you lost an ear plug and then spent the rest of the day trying to track down a vendor with earplugs, or stuffing toilet paper in your ear canal? Or when you get up to the rail at a show and you really really need to put in your earplugs, but they're lost deep in your bag and you don't have the elbow space to retrieve them, plus is ear protection even worth having to stop dancing?

Neon Pink Earplug Earrings

Aaaand that's where Wook Earrings comes in!

These earplug earrings, or as some like to call "hearrings," each feature a high fidelity earplug hanging from a chain off your earring that can easily be popped into your ear canal at a moments notice. Is your friend trying to say something to you? Just pop the earplug out and let it hang without fear of losing it. 

Plus there is no need to sacrifice style for safety! The epitome of rave fashion, I design my hand made earrings mostly in neon pop & pastel colors. People rarely even notice that they have earplugs hanging from them. A pair of wook earrings is the last element that you need to complete all your music festival outfits.

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