All hooks are leverbacks so they won't fall out when you're head-banging! If you don't select an upgrade, you will receive standard ones as pictured in the product listing. In all cases besides surgical steel, the hooks will be colored to match the earring (silver or gold).

  • Standard hooks are hypoallergenic brass. They are tarnish resistant & good quality. They measure 16x13.4mm, and have ~18g hooks which is slightly larger than some ear piercings. If you haven't worn earrings in a while, it might take some adjusting. 

Clip Ons
  • Clip-Ons: silver or gold plated brass measuring 17x10mm

surgical steel earplug earrings

Surgical Steel
  • Surgical Steel: 316L grade. Measures 18.8x10.3mm. 20gauge. They are a dark grey steel color.
                    sterling silver earplug earringssterling silver earplug earrings
Gold Plated Sterling Silver                    Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver: 16mm

The base material for the chain is iron, and it is nickel and lead free.


Earplug Upgrade


This video explains the difference between standard plugs and high fidelity upgrades. The standard plugs will be as pictured. High fidelity upgrades are rated at 27dB. 

                        loop earplug earrings       loop earplug earrings

             Gold Loop Attachments                                     Silver Loop Attachments

Loop earplug earring attachments: These clasps are for attaching Loop earplugs. They fit snuggly around you loops, and you can open them to remove the loop earplugs at any time. Loop earplugs are not included in purchase! You will receive either gold or silver clasps depending on the earring hardware color. They have the cutest rhinestones along the edge! 

NOTE: Loop earplugs are not included! This option is to attach your existing loop plugs

See this reel for more info on the loop attachments: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CunJn-hsfI3/ 

 NOTE: these loop clasps aren't compatible with loop mute. If you want me to attach a larger clasp (the same as the leverback earring hook) that will fit on a loop mute, please include a note on your order

Shipping speed

Orders generally ship in ~2 days

Return policy

Sorry, no returns! I don't want to open a package full of your earwax...


If your earrings break in any way, please please please contact me and I will repair them for free! Things like lost charms, broken hooks, open jumprings, etc. I will fix.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are currently closed. I will be opening them back up eventually, but don't hold your breath. However, if you want to make a small chance to an existing design (like swap earplug color) then add an order note and we will accommodate if possible.

More questions?

Just contact me!