The Team

Come visit the Wook Plugs booth at one of the many festivals we vend, and you're sure to meet these wooks!

Kayla Foyt - founder, head wook

Kayla grew up in upstate New York with an ear surgeon for a father. If you asked Kayla’s therapist, she would say that her daddy issues instilled a fascination of the ear, understanding of the importance of hearing protection, and a drive to succeed. Before she even left the east coast for college, she had already interned in R&D at a hearing implant company; she published a medical paper on the impact of an instrument used in ear surgeries in developing countries. 

In 2014 she started engineering studies at Cal Poly SLO; there, she became the public relations officer for the largest ski club (party club) in the country. It was through ski club that Kayla discovered the world of EDM music festivals. It was also through ski club that she knocked out her front teeth twice and devolved into complete wookery. 

Currently Kayla is a passionate skier & surfer, lives in her car chasing powder in the winter and touring music festivals in the summer. She loves all things funk & jam – her favorite artists are The California Honeydrops & Chromeo. Catch her at the outskirts of the set spinning poi, or in the middle of the crowd with her Boof Tidepods totem. 

Sierra Smith - CFO, laser cutting extraordinaire 

Sierra studied entrepreneurship at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she met Kayla and found her passion for laser cutting. Being a creative her whole life, Sierra started designing and creating custom laser cut art for friends and family. This progressively turned into making pins and necklaces to gift at festivals, and eventually turned into a partnership where she could make custom earring designs with Wook Plugs. 

Sierra loves exploring with dog Nahla and snowboarding in the mountains with her ski club friends. She is passionate about cooking delicious food and is always dreaming of what to make for dinner.