About Us

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Wook Plugs is a funky female founded bizz ready to protect your hearing on the dancefloor. From the front rail at a bass show, to a sunrise set at a jam fest, to karaoke night at your local dive bar, Wook Plugs has got you protected with top of the line high-fidelity earplug jewelry!

At Wook Plugs, we are long-time music festivals attendees - we know that to enjoy concerts for a lifetime, hearing protection is crucial. But before we launched our business, hearing protection wasn't the most sexy, or well designed for nights full of degenerate antics.

For concert goers responsible enough to wear earplugs in the first place, getting so lost in the sauce that you lose them is a universal experience. That’s why we found a way to attach your earplugs directly to you! With both our earplug earrings and patent pending earplug necklaces, you can headbang the night away without the worry of losing your plugs. 

Wook Plugs is a small but growing business based in San Diego. Since we launched in August ‘21 we have created over 80 different earplug jewelry designs, and we continue to find new innovative earplug solutions. You can shop our inventory online, or find us vending festivals in person! 

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What's a 'wook'? Urban dictionary offers a few definitions. (TLDR; dusty dirty new-age hippie.) We believe that everyone has a little wook in them. To us, a wook is an independent person, someone who loves music and their friends, and is always on the lookout for their next adventure.

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Special thanks to the laser-cutting goddess & my close bizz partner: Sierra Smith. Slice of Life is your one stop shop for custom laser cut goodies!