Our Purpose

Wook Plug’s core mission is to popularize hearing protection. We do this by transforming earplugs from a boring health precaution into a trendy fashion statement. Three ways in which we share our purpose is through education, inclusivity, and community.

Education. Do you know how hearing loss occurs? You were likely born with around 16,000 little hair cells in your inner ear. These hair cells naturally die as you age, but if you are exposed to loud sounds they will die off even quicker. Unfortunately, they never grow back. After about half of them have been damaged, you will start to perceive hearing loss. Most concerts are at around 100dB, which will permanently damage your hearing if you are not using protection. Wook Plugs strives to educate concert goers on the importance of hearing protection, and help them understand how their ears work!

Inclusivity. We believe that hearing protection isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, and we take pride in offering customizable jewelry options. To accommodate people with metal allergies, we offer both sterling silver and surgical steel earring hook options. We are always listening to potential customers to find better ways to meet their needs. If you want to rock some Wook Plugs, but don’t see an option that works for you, please don't hesitate to contact us! We also have multiple earplug sizes to ensure you get that perfect fit. 

Community. The best part of the EDM industry is the sense of community and friendship you get with fellow ravers you haven't even met yet! The amount of Wooks that have gone out of their way to thank Wook Plugs for being created is absolutely incredible. We are so proud to make a product that is positively impacting people’s lives. Our online community is ever present, and their support means the world. When we have opportunities to host a booth at a festival, we are reminded of the love that surrounds our products, while our community continues to expand.