Our Orgin Story

One warm evening in the summer of ‘21, founder Kayla Foyt sat stoned on a friend’s ratty beer stained couch in sunny San Diego. A thick aroma of sweat and patchouli wafted through the wook den where a few friends sat passing a joint and reminiscing about the night before. Kayla could hardly hear them. Her head was pounding with a nasty hangover, and her ears were ringing like a kazoo orchestra at a rubber chicken concert. She had worn earplugs out to a show last night, but in her spun out slur she lost them both.

As the kush burned, a sudden blinding yellow light encased the room. From it emerged a 6’3 tall lifelike ear that despite having no other bodily features had a comforting demeanor: “Hello Wookling! I have been sent here to Planet Earth to bestow upon you a gift. Take these earrings and you shall never again hear the dreaded ring. Share this creation with your kind so every hole on your planet may be plugged.” And just as suddenly as it appeared, the giant ear disappeared with a flash of yellow light.

Holding the first ever pair of wookearrings in her hands, Kayla turned to her friend Sierra who was also stoned on the couch. “Dude…. I have an idea…”