Loop Earplug Earring Attachments

Listen up wooks because there seems to be some confusion regarding my Loop earplug earring attachments. 👂

"Day & Night" Earplug Earrings with Loop earplug attachments

Purchasing this option does NOT come with earplugs. The earplugs on your earring will be subbed out for these super cute gold or silver rhinestoned clasps that clip perfectly around the ring in earplugs made by the brand Loop. They can be opened and closed so you can remove your loop earplugs when you want. I offer this option for people who already have Loop earplugs that they love, and want a way to tether them to their ears.

Don't own Loops but want top quality earplugs? Opt for the "high fidelity earplug" upgrade. This option is our own brand of earplugs and they deliver seriously high quality sound. 🔊

Have "Loop Mute" earplugs? These clips will NOT fit around them. BUT if you have mutes and still want to clip them to wookearrings, just include an order note and instead of the rhinestoned clasps I will attach the same clasp as what I use for earring hooks which will fit around the Loop mute.

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